01. To really learn vocabulary, it is [necessary] to study it in a variety of ways.
02. It is really [unnecessary] to bring anything to the party; we have lots of food, and plenty of stuff to drink.
03. Higher prices do not [necessarily] mean better quality.
04. My secretary will make the [necessary] arrangements for our trip.
05. Each summer, hot weather in this part of the state [necessitates] water rationing.
06. Though the Government and the Opposition disagree on methods, both are in agreement as to the [necessity] to stimulate the economy.
07. Your mother and I will do whatever is [necessary] to help you get ready for university.
08. Was it really [necessary] for you to hit your sister just because she took your toy without asking?
09. I'm sorry. You just don't have the [necessary] qualifications for this job.
10. We don't want to stay any longer than [necessary] because we still have lots of work to do at the office.
11. Prior to the Second World War, cars were not considered a [necessity], but were instead mainly regarded as toys for the rich.
12. It is not [necessary] for returning students to take the placement test at the beginning of next session.
13. The fact that no one agrees with him doesn't [necessarily] mean he is wrong.
14. I don't believe that shouting and calling people names is really [necessary]. We're all adults and we should be able to sit down and work this out together.
15. Patients arriving at the hospital emergency ward are not [necessarily] treated in order of arrival.
16. The doctor isn't sure if it is [necessary] to operate at this time.
17. Krista always carries a mirror with her to touch up her make-up when [necessary].
18. You must send the [necessary] forms to us before the office closes on Wednesday afternoon at 5:00.
19. Sexual activity is [unnecessary] for individual survival.
20. Thousands of planets in our galaxy have the [necessary] conditions to support life.
21. This movie has all the ingredients [necessary] to be a big hit.
22. We don't have the [necessary] software to run this computer program.
23. A proper summary contains only the main ideas, and doesn't include [unnecessary] details.
24. Many dolphins die [unnecessarily] after getting caught in fishermen's nets.
25. The planet Mars appears to have had most of the conditions [necessary] to support simple life forms.
26. Thomas Carruthers once remarked that a teacher is one who makes himself progressively [unnecessary].
27. There is a Crow Indian proverb which holds that you already possess everything [necessary] to become great.
28. Dr. Karl Menninger observed that hope is a [necessity] for normal life, and the major weapon against the suicide impulse.
29. If the stomach did not store food, it would be [necessary] for people to eat every 20 minutes.
30. Descartes once said, "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is [necessary] that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."
31. Oxygen is [necessary] for the survival of nearly all plants and animals.
32. A decent home is a basic [necessity] of life.
33. People living in some countries do not even have the basic [necessities] of life.
34. Finley Peter Dunne once suggested that alcohol is [necessary] for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself undisturbed by facts.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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